Your body can act as a camera too!

“‘I turn myself inside out.’ With fellow student Josh Lake, photographic 35mm film was eaten, digested, excreted out, and then washed. The damage and traces left on the emulsion surface were examined through a scanning electron microscope.”

Are you daring enough to eat a strip of film to display the contents of your body? I think most of us wouldn’t but these brave art students from Kingston University decided to give it a go. Luke Evans and Josh Lake wanted to do something unique and bold for their final major project, so they decided to turn themselves into ‘human cameras’ by eating 35mm film squares and letting their bodies do the rest! After eating the squares and letting the film pass through their bodies in the dark, they fixed the film and then scanned it in using an electron microscope. Currently they are exhibiting massive prints of their images that show every little detail of the insides of themselves.

“The full-sized images are 10,000 pixels on the longest edge, allowing you to see every detail of what our bodies produced.” These unusal images will be displayed at the PILOT exhibition at the Hoxton Gallery on the 12th and 13th of June.

Information: Creative ReviewLuke Evans and Josh Lake