35mm Film on 120 Spool – Clint O’Connor

Last year we shared Clint O’Connor’s unique 3D printed pinhole camera called the Flyer 6×6. We’re super excited to be able to now share with you his newly funded 35mm film adapter for use in 120 medium format cameras. By using this you’ll be able to use a 35mm film in a medium format camera where you will get full exposure of the film strip, sprocket holes and all!

 The beauty about this is that O’Connor has shared it online on ‘Youmagine’ for anyone to access it to create their own 35mm to 120 adapter. This is designed to be a perfect copy of a 120 spool when the top and bottom parts are inserted onto a 35mm film canister. They have a friction fit so they stay in place while in use. To load the film O’Connor advises to use an empty 120 spool for the takeup – it’s easy to modify it by taping it to accept the 35mm film tail in the right place and make the slot thinner to grip the tail.

The hole for viewing the film number (usually a red window) on the camera must be taped over with black gaffer tape or some suitable opaque tape to avoid back side exposure of the film. These adapters were originally designed for the Flyer 6×6 camera developed as a result of the Pinhole Printed Kickstarter project (pinholeprinted.com) but they can be used in any 120 medium format camera.

You can now download your very own adapter by clicking here: 35mm Film on 120 Spool

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Images copyright: © Clint O’Connor