A bin is not just for rubbish…..

The Trashcam Project


A group of dustbin men from Germany have converted large dumpsters into working pinhole cameras. 

A small group of enthusiastic dustbin men in Hamburg have figured out a way to combine their love of photography with their work of throwing away rubbish, converting the large 1.100 litre dumpsters into giant pinhole cameras, to photograph the city that they love and keep clean. The dumpsters pinholes or ‘Trashcam’ is made by drilling a tiny hole into the fronts of the bins and then hanging large sheets of photographic paper inside (106×80 cm, shot on Ilford multigrade IV). This large camera on wheels takes the men about a minute to frame the shot, but exposing this large paper can take up to an hour of waiting around. The men have entitled this compelling project The ‘Trashcam Project’ which was developed by Christoph Blaschke, Mirko Derpmann, Scholz & Friends Berlin and the Hamburg sanitation department.

Information: Photojojo