Ansel Adam’s View Camera to Be Auctioned!

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Own a piece of history.

Legendary landscape photographer Ansel Adam’s, known for his exceptional black-and-white images, helped to establish photography as a fine art. Adam’s Arca-Swiss 5 X 4 view camera outfit, used by the man himself from about 1964 until 1968, is going up for sale on the 9th of July! This historical equipment has recorded iconic images of people, events and nature throughout twentieth century America. This is an extremely rare opportunity to own an iconic view camera outfit owned and used by one of the most prominent photographers to have ever lived.

This view camera was used by Ansel Adams, then given to Liliane DeCock, his full-time photographic assistant. Liliane continued to use this equipment during her time as Ansel’s assistant, and for her own photography and travels throughout the United States. It has been retained by her son since her passing in 2013.

“Under the guidance of Ansel Adams and with a 4 x 5 inch camera lent to her by the artist, Morgan began photographing the landscape and soon developed a unique vision and printing style which utilizes the full tonal scale of the medium with a strong attention to the melancholic values.” Joseph Bellows Gallery. “Liliane worked with the famed photographer, Ansel Adams, for nine years, and began her own photography career after Adams loaned her a camera. She used a four-by-five inch camera lent to her by Adams, and she traveled the country on vacations to photograph landscapes,” said Willard Morgan, her son. “What she really appreciated about that time and about Ansel was … that he had a very expansive view of what’s possible,” her son said. “She came to him with not a lot of experience and [he was] able to see that potential and nurture it quietly.”

More information on Ansel Adam’s camera, is available by visiting Revival Auctions. If you would like the opportunity to participate in this auction, register for live online bidding at Proxibid.

Information:  The Phoblographer/ Proxibid