National Park Asks Photographer to Shoot Large Format Film

We think this has to be the dream job! A photographic job that actually requests the photographer to shoot with large format film.

The National Parks Service is looking to hire a black-and-white large format photographer, and the salary is up to $100,000 per year. This is not the first time this job has been available when in 1941, legendary photographer Ansel Adams began working for the US Department of the Interior to shoot large format photos of National Parks and other notable locations out in the great outdoors.

A new job listing at USAJOBS shows that the National Park Service of the Department Of The Interior is looking for someone to fill an opening with the title “Photographer, GS-1060-11/12.”



The full time job has a salary range of $63,722 to $99,296 per year, and is based out of Washington, DC. Yet it does require a great deal of traveling (up to 5 to 10 nights per month, the listing says), and is only available to US citizens.

The duties of the job include, the photographer shooting large-format documentary photos for the Library of Congress, being able to “operate a photographic laboratory to process film and images and prepare for field work,” developing photographic guidelines and standards, producing exhibition quality prints, evaluating photographic submissions, and making presentations about the photo collection.

Applications will be accepted until December 15th, 2015, you have about a week to apply if you’re interested! The full details in the job listing can be seen at USAJOBS.

Information Via:Phogotraphy, Nick Brandreth