Teaching Literacy & Maths through pinholes!


At school I always hated maths and constiently struggled with it, it never engaged me. Yet wouldn’t it be lovely if you could learn the subjects most kids find boring in a physical and creative way? When we came across this project that David Kendall (director of Fotosynethesis – a non profit organisation that specialises in allowing people to develop their creative skills in photography) sent this idea over to us, we fell in love with it.

Using the most basic form of photography to build on children’s numeracy and literacy skills, Fotosynthesis are planning on teaching 16 different primary schools in Brixton using pinhole photography. The children will be able to learn how to build a camera from nothing, take photographs using their handmade cameras as well as have the opportunity to use a darkroom. This idea needs some help though to get it off the ground; Fotosynthesis have set up a campaign on Indiegogo to help pay for the equipment and assistant facilitator.

This is a great opportunity for children to build their own pinhole cameras as well as develop and understand how to process a handmade photograph. Photosynthesis are planning on building 8 pop-up photo darkrooms in schools and introduce children to the magic of pinhole photography!

Their aim is to: “We want to deliver 64 practical ‘Literacy & Maths through Photography’ workshops to children in 16 primary schools in Brixton, South London. 500 children from different economic and ethnic backgrounds will benefit from the project in the 1st year. 

Using photography as an integral tool this project aims to support the inclusive development of literacy, speech and language and maths in all children irrespective of their learning and linguistic abilities.”

You can support this fantastic project by clicking here.