The New55 Film is nearly here!

Polly Chandler - Untitled (New55 FILM) © Polly Chandler

 New55 FILM is a new instant 4×5 film that produces a superb negative, and a positive print too


FILM’S NOT DEAD! The arrival of the New55 Film is finally here and it needs your support to get it off the ground to make film history. We’ve been following the journey of the New55 film in which Bob Crowley has been trying to develop and perfect for the last four years. All we can say is that it has definitely been well worth the wait. The New55 FILM team have now created a Kickstarter in hopes of funding the start up of 4×5 instant film production.

So what is this new film? The New55 is a brand new, instant positive-negative (PN) system that produces a high quality 4×5 black and white negative, and a positive print. Bob states that it’s not a recreation of Polaroid Type 55 but it’s a completely new, single shot system that incorporates a negative material, a processing pod, a special positive receiver sheet, and other components needed for a field-processable instant photograph to be produced by a photographer, without a darkroom. New55 produces beautiful rich tones of properly exposed negative and positive print which is said that Polaroid Type 55 could never achieve.

The reasoning why Bob Crowley wanted to start this project was because he heard that The Impossible Project said they were not going to focus on 4×5 materials, so he thought he would take it upon himself to create this unique product.

The rewards start at the $25 pledge range, with a $75 pledge securing you a “First Edition” box consisting of five 4×5 sheets, assuming the Kickstarter gets successfully funded.

To bring this amazing new film to market we have to make sure we back it, without our support the film will be unable to come to market. The targeted goal that the New55 Film needs to reach is $400,000. Since launching their campaign they have already managed to reach $60,000, but there’s still some way to go, so make sure you spread the word!

New55 FILM handmade samples (manufactured sheets will come 5 per box) © Bob Crowley

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