VIDDY: The baby brother of the Videre Camera



“VIDDY is the world’s cutest DIY medium format & 35mm pinhole camera. It’s fun, educational and takes less than 30 minutes to make!”

Last year we showed you the amazing VIDERE Pop Up Pinhole camera that created a huge buzz on Kickstarter! It was unique, educational and easy to assemble. Since it’s success Kelly Angood, the founder of the Pop Up Pinhole Co. has decided to return to Kickerstarter with something very special that she’s been working on for the past 6 months, it’s called the VIDDY! The baby brother of the VIDERE camera that accepts both 35mm and 120 film!

We completely agree with Angood that this new sibling to the VIDERE has got to be the world’s cutest DIY medium format & 35mm pinhole camera.

On the new Kickstarter page Angood states: “VIDDY is a screenprinted do-it-yourself pinhole camera kit made from tough, durable recycled card. It accepts both medium format and 35mm film.  Each and every VIDDY is screenprinted and die-cut by hand in the UK and is available in 4 colours; Green, Black, Blue or Red.

VIDDY comes as a kit and the main pieces you’ll need simply pop out so you’ll go from flat pack to working camera in around half an hour!




Stickers and split pins are used to build the main body and you just need a small drop of glue to construct the film advance knobs. There’s no sharps, virtually no glue, and no mess.

Each VIDDY kit comes with everything you’ll need to complete the camera, including a reclaimed medium format spool, a precision laser-cut pinhole, a red light-proof window, split pins, a sticker sheet and clear illustrated instructions alongside an easy to follow how-to video.”

From listening to feedback from The Pop Up Pinhole community Angood has incorporated so many great new features to the VIDDY. Probably one of our favourites is the addition of an app! Each of the VIDDY kits will come with a basic exposure guide as part of the instructions – but you’ll also have the opportunity to download The Pop-Up Pinhole app helping you determine how long to leave the shutter open for to create perfectly exposed negatives.


The charming VIDDY is set to retail between £35-40 but you can grab your very own VIDDY on Kickstarter, in one of four colours, with a £30 pledge, with delivery set for November 2014, just in time for Christmas. So if your looking for a special present for a photography buff or you simply want to make your own camera to understand the basics of photography then look no further than the VIDDY. It’s versatile, easy to make/use and extremely cute!

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Images courtesy: Kelly Angood

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