Floating Bits: Underwater Large Format photography

The twin brother duo Ian and Erick Regnard work together as photographers and boy do they create beautiful work together! Born in Mauritius, a volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, their creative work leads them to the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean where they use a mixture of a large […]

How to store Fuji FP100 Instant film Negatives – In water!

A couple of months ago a fellow photographer by the name Chuck Espinoza (@chuckespinoza- Instagram) asked me if I’ve had any experience with storing and handle FP100c negatives when you’re in the field shooting. I almost never keep the negative, however in some cases it can be useful and you […]

Wet Plate Photograms – Anton Orlov

  Here’s a little something fun I tried recently and I think it deserves a little story. My friend Race Gentry stopped by in order to test out a brand new daguerreotype camera that he just received the day before. I’m not going to go into details of exactly where […]

The Filmomat – A homemade Automatic film processor

  Most of us analogue photographers want an easier way to develop our films but German photographer Lukas Fritz took it into his own hands taking home developing to another level. He calls it the Filmomat which he spent a year designing and building. It’s a fully automatic film processor that […]

Using a Minox Spy camera for Wet Plates!

When it comes to wet plate photography how small can one really go? In Anton Orlov’s case as small as 8x11mm tintypes using the legendary old Minox subminiature camera — a model A III from the 1950s. Orlov kindly explained to us about his journey to using this camera for such a […]

Converting a Brownie into a Polaroid – Kristian O. Gundersen

[spb_row wrap_type=”content-width” parallax_image_height=”content-height” parallax_image_movement=”fixed” parallax_image_speed=”0.5″ bg_video_loop=”yes” parallax_video_height=”window-height” parallax_video_overlay=”none” row_overlay_opacity=”0″ vertical_center=”true” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] [spb_text_block animation=”none” animation_delay=”0″ padding_vertical=”0″ padding_horizontal=”0″ width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] About two years ago I was gifted 2 Polaroid Mini Portrait cameras along with some film and several film backs. People told me if I had a Polaroid 600SE […]

52 Photo Tips #18: Use a handheld light meter

One of the big stumbling blocks that prevents people trying film – especially with older cameras – is metering. We’re used to taking perfectly exposed pics time after time these days, either on our phones, digital compacts or DSLRs. To give that up and try and get well-exposed photos on […]

52 Photo Tips #17: Use leading lines

  Photography draws much from the rules of painting. One of the most important is the use of leading lines. When our eyes see a line, they instinctively move along it, seeking to follow it to the end. Painters and artists have used it to great effect – creating what’s […]

Tintype Adventures – Anton Orlov

My name is Anton Orlov and I’m a photographic artist currently based in San Diego. Film and other analogue photography has been a passion of mine since I was a kid and for the past few years I have been completely engulfed in making tintypes and ambrotypes using wet plate […]

52 Photo Tips #16: Frames within Frames

The frame within a frame is one of the simplest tricks in the photographic armoury. It’s up there with the rule of thirds as a classic toll to improve your photography. And once you start using it, you’ll find it can hugely improve otherwise flat scenes. Creating a “false frame” […]

52 Photo Tips #15: Don’t put film in hold luggage

There is one surefire way to ruin your film. You don’t even have to go to the trouble of taking it out of its canister and exposing it to the light. Just stick it in your hold luggage. Sticking your film in your hold luggage will more than likely ruin […]

Galaxy Hyper Speed – Direct Postive Paper with ISO 120

The use of positive paper has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years, since Ilford brought out their Harman Direct positive paper, yet a new type is about to make waves in the analogue world. The new competitor goes by the name of Galaxy, which is a group of […]

CLERA – The World’s First Transparent Camera – Anton Orlov

Over the years we have become very familiar with photographer Anton Orlov‘s photographic projects from his brilliant Photo Palace bus, to discovering a camera with World War I photographs to his newest venture. He’s created one of the coolest cameras we have ever seen and what he believes to be the world’s first fully […]

52 Photo Tips #14: Experiment with expired film

  Film’s not dead, but in recent years its ranks have been dramatically thinned. Yet a select bunch still remain. Just over a decade ago, you could have walked into a decent camera store and chosen from dozens of different kinds of still film, all of which have been discontinued. […]

Process Your Film with a One Chemical Bath – R3 Monobath

Back in 2014 we shared that inventor Bob Crowley and his team were working on their New55 film producing a new line of 4×5 instant film. Their Kickstarter campaign turned out to be a great success and got the whole analogue community buzzing. As the company continues to work on its instant film, it has […]

Jaw Dropping Pinhole Camera

Have you ever wanted to try a completely new perpespective in the way you take your photographs or have you been trying to shoot complete strangers in the street but can’t seem to find the courage to do it? Well, photographer Nicholas Williams has come up with a very unique […]

Nobuyuki Kobayashi: Portrait of Nature – Myriads of Gods

Platinum palladium printing is probably one of my favourite photographic processes as the results one can achieve from this process is beyond words. Producing one of the greatest tonal ranges out of all photographic printing techniques. The unique quality with Platinum printing is that the platinum tones range from warm black, […]

The Ultimate Darkroom Designed to Look Like a Spaceship

Photographer Jack Turkel was born around the same time as NASA, and started growing up with fantasies of space exploration and through out his life this interest stuck with him. By the mid 1970s at the beginning of Turkel’s photography career he decided to combine his two loves, photography and […]

Gregory Heisler Using Large Format, Infrared Film to Shoot an Olympic Diver

  Gregory Heisler is renowned for his technical brilliance and for his thought provoking responses to photographing his subjects. He’s managed to capture a staggering amount of iconic photographs as well as creating visual essays which have graced the covers of numerous magazines from LIFE, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Esquire and […]

How to Make Negatives from Instant Fujifilm FP-100C – Michael Ash Smith

Shooting on instant film is great but what if you could produce a negative from it….. With just some household supplies you can make beautiful negatives from the Fujifilm FP-100C peel apart film by simply bleaching them. Michael Ash Smith a fantastic commercial, wedding, portrait, and lifestyle photographer situated out […]

The New55 Film is nearly here!

 New55 FILM is a new instant 4×5 film that produces a superb negative, and a positive print too   FILM’S NOT DEAD! The arrival of the New55 Film is finally here and it needs your support to get it off the ground to make film history. We’ve been following the […]

Colour up your B&W shots – Yéssica Klein

Black and white photography goes way further than black, white and grey. Adding colored filters to your camera whilst shooting B&W basically allows you to control the intensity of dark and light tones, increasing or decreasing contrast and even smoothing skin tones. The logic is pretty simple too, working by […]

How to Develop your Film Automatically using LEGO

This is so cool! In this video it demonstrates how Dutch photographer Jan van den Broek has managed to create an automatic developing machine using LEGO Mindstorms (a series of kits that contains software and hardware to create customizable, programmable robots.) You can see though out the video how the LEGO (Mindstorms) is used to develop […]

Homemade Teleconverter – Andrew Sanderson

For those of you not familiar with my work my name is Andrew Sanderson and I have been a passionate film user for over thirty years. I work with all formats from half frame up to 10×8 and although I mainly use Ilford HP5 and FP4 when I work conventionally, […]

Beautiful Tintype Portraits Created on Discarded Film Canisters!

We think this is amazing! Arizona-born photographer David Emitt Adams uses the beautiful 19th century process called “wet-plate collodion” to create an array of unusual tintypes by using unconventional materials to display his photographs. The first project we stumbled across was his old discarded cans project, entitled “Conversations with History“ , where Adams […]

The PhotoExif App

Recently all kinds of apps have been popping up to help us along with are photography, even your very own darkroom timer app. The next on to the scene is the PhotoExif, which is a beautifully designed app created by Oriol Garcia that allows you to record vital information about each photograph you […]

“Tango Metropolis” – Thomas Kellner

“Each photographic work is made up of horizontally placed film strips of up to 1,269 individual pictures. Every single one of these smaller images was taken with the camera from a slightly shifted perspective and subsequently combined into an overall picture, creating an entirely new image.” “To approach something like […]

Psychedelic Infrared Photographs – Richard Mosse

“I chose Aerochrome because I thought that it would provide me a unique window through which I could inspect the eastern Congo battlefield. That film gave me the opportunity to think about from my role as a white man photographing Congo with a huge wooden camera. Besides, it made me […]

A handful of wacky handmade cameras

Justin Quinnell When Justin Quinnell decided to take some unique photographs with his camera, he really took it to another level of taking pictures. By placing a miniature camera inside his mouth, allowing him to capture a unique and unseen angle. He photographed pretty much everything around him from going to […]

How to make your own Cardboard ‘Hassy’

A cardboard, fully functioning working Hasselblad? Yes it works and you can learn how to make it through some easier steps by either downloading Kelly Angood’s (the creator of cardboard Hasselblad) PDF or simply by watching the video below. This beautifully crafted and well thought out camera acts as a […]

How to make your own glass plate….

 Have you ever wanted to make your own glass plates that could fit into your standard SLR camera?  With these instructions made by Saul Bolaños who has dedicated many years to conducting independent research about alternative photographic processes, he has carefully constructed these informative instructions to making beautiful 35mm negative plates. He […]

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