Jakub Gloser – For The Love

We’re excited to introduce Jakub Gloser, the third winner of twelve in our competition with Kodak, ‘For the Love’. Gloser is a London, UK based photographer whose style fuses street, portrait and landscape photography. Most influenced by travel and documentation of new places, Gloser’s photographs are beautifully composed as well […]

What Happened to Portra?

In light of what’s happened so far this year, we thought it would be a great time to catch up with Lars Fiedler of Kodak Alaris about how things are going, their big announcement, and where has our beloved Portra been hiding? You may remember the name Lars Fiedler from […]

Stephen Wooldridge – For The Love.

Meet Stephen Wooldridge, the second winner of twelve in our competition ‘For the Love’ with Kodak. Wooldridge is a photographer, based in Manchester, UK. His fascination with story telling through photography, which has been with him since childhood, has lead him to photograph such subjects as the Barnsley Sea Cadets, […]

Stewart Weir – For The Love.

  Introducing Stewart Weir, the first of twelve winners from our ‘For the Love’ competition with Kodak. Weir is a self taught photographer from Brighton, UK whose ‘just do it’ attitude and striking compositions have landed his work in such publications as National Geographic Traveller, Vogue, Esquire and The Times to name just […]

GivePhotos – Giving away 1,000 Fuji Instax Prints

Imagine never having a family photo album, or not having a decent print of yourself as a child or not having a picture of your parents or grandparents. Well in most parts of India this is a reality. Yet GivePhotos, a fantastic project run by Bipasha Shom is trying to […]

FOCUSED…… Oliver Blohm

  What happens when you microwave an instant picture? Oliver Blohm, 27, knows the answer – after all, it was his experiment that led to the “Hatzfrass/Fast Food” series back in 2012, and since then he has been one of The Impossible Project’s golden stars, shooting the campaign for their new black […]

Revelations: Ori Gersht – Comparison to the great pioneers

Although Ori Gersht’s ‘Blow-up’ series is not film based we found this interview he did with the Science Museum so fascinating we had to share it. At the current show ‘Revelations: Experiments in Photography’ held at the Media Space, Science Museum Gersht work takes centre stage as the leading image […]

FOCUSED…… Laura Pannack

  If you went to the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize exhibition last year at the National Portrait Gallery you would have certainly seen the striking portrait of Chayla at Shul, a young Hassidic Jewish girl taken by Laura Pannack. This image earned her the John Kobal New Work Award from National Portrait […]

FOCUSED……Ellen Rogers

  Whatever arguments one may have on considering photography art or not will easily come down when you get a glimpse of Ellen Rogers’s work. With a all analogue approach and 10 years of darkroom experiments, Ellen is capable of transforming the landscapes of North England into scenes of a […]

FOCUSED…… William Britten

  On our FOCSUED series today is 19 year old William Britten or as a lot of people see him as the look a like to actor Benedict Cumberbatch. We met Will a few months ago on our market stall, for the first time holding his 2.8F Rolleiflex. A few […]

FOCUSED…. Nicholas Hayward

It’s relieving to know how universities are still keeping film photography alive. Rosaline Shahnavaz, for instance, an LCC alumni whose candid portraits were already discussed in the FOCUSED September feature. From LCF (London College of Fashion), now in his senior year, the work of Nicholas Hayward has caught our eye – beautiful, surreal […]

FOCUSED…Hana Haley (aka Honeyuck)

If you’ve been around on Flickr for the past five years, you are sure to have come across Honeyuck’s profile – we surely have! Hana Haley’s (you didn’t think Honeyuck was her real name, did you?) pastel-coloured, nostalgic world of femininity is today’s feature on our FOCUSED series. At only […]

FOCUSED….Rosaline Shahnavaz

On our FOCUSED series today we have up and coming London based photographer Rosaline Shahnavaz. Having only recently graduated from LCC (London College of Communication) a couple of months ago, Shahnavaz has already shot for a variety of magazines catching the attention of the likes of Dazed and Confused, Idol […]

The Smallest Instant Portrait Studio in the World

  “The best things in life come in small packages”, is definitely true for this tiny studio situated in Tromsø, Norway! Kristian O. Gundersen, the photographer who runs this space has been told the building was originally built some 100 years ago and served as a newspaper kiosk until the mid […]

FOCUSED….. Jamie Hawkesworth

Jamie Hawkesworth is defiantly a photographer you need to keep your eyes on. It’s refreshing to see photographs coming out of some of the top fashion magazines that are unique and unafraid to push the boundaries. Somehow he manages to perfectly combine fashion and reportage together to create unusal styling and […]

FOCUSED…Ren Rox – Yéssica Klein

The world photographer Ren Rox inhabits a place of beauty. She offers a glimpse of it through her images: grainy black & white portraits filled with mystery and that subtle delicacy common to the 40s and 50s photographs. It’s not the only part of her world, though analogue cameras can […]

Polamad: Francis Van Maele’s Polaroid Collection

Francis Van Maele is “Polamad”. He’s known throughout the Polaroid community for his huge and varied collection of beautiful Polaroid cameras; he’s estimated that he has about 400 of them! We caught up with Francis to find out how this love for everything Polaroid came about: Film’s not Dead: Welcome to […]

Camera Collector – Inbar (Bracket)

Inbar’s camera collection is a famous one – especially on Flickr, where she shares her analogue love under the name of 333Bracket. This pink-haired lady has caught our eye – and many others – showing off her collection and colorful shots on the online community, and the fact she’s our […]

Film’s not Dead in conversation with Steven Brierley

If some of you don’t know Steven Brierley is the Sales and Marketing Director at Ilford. He’s completely in love with film and traditional processes and is one of the driving forces behind many of these new products that you see coming out of Ilford each year. We were lucky enough […]

The “Do Not Crop” Winner – Jefferson Chang

We are very pleased to present to you our next interview with the third winner from our Kodak Competition photographer Jefferson Chang from Oklahoma, USA! Photographers who submitted to this competition were asked not to crop their pictures in order to show off the rebate of the film. Jefferson Chang […]

Woolscape – Clément Darrasse

“Woolscapes” documents self portraits between a photographer and his wife in a variety of places, where ever they go the 4×5 camera follows closely behind. This project reveals so much about the couple and shows just how playful self portraits can be. We were able to catch up with Clément who told […]

The World’s Largest Camera: Butterflies & Buffalo – Tales of American Culture

“We are but a flash in time. Our cultures were here long before us and they will remain here long after we are gone…if we keep the dream alive.” – Dennis Manarchy The camera we have all been waiting for is finally here and it’s more beautiful than we could’ve […]

The Box Brownie Winner – Siim Vahur

Last month we were very proud to announce the second winner to our Kodak Competition as photographer Siim Vahur from Estonia! It was an unusual competition where we asked photographers to capture their photographs by only using the iconic box brownie, the images that were submitted were fantastic and proved […]

‘Riders Of Phanom’ – Luke Moran-Morris

Luke Moran-Morris is an up and coming freelance photographer & film maker from London who currently resides in Thailand where he has been travelling through India,Thailand and soon to be Australia for several months. Throughout his journey’s he has documenting a variety of people and cultures. He has now made one of his […]

Moon Like Landscape Photographs – Michael Jackson

Jackson’s work is delicate, detailed and remarkably resembles the surface of the moon, which Jackson has said in other interviews that the Apollo moon landing images constantly sticks in his mind when he shoots the Poppit Sand beach in Wales. With his trusty 1970s Hasselblad camera and Zeiss 50mm lens in hand […]

The Child Photographer, Deborah Parkin – Suzi Livingstone

With the opening to her first London solo exhibition just a few hours away, we’ve decided to release a bit more about the Northerumberland based photographer Deborah Parkin, whose work is thought provoking, intimate and displays the innocence of children. This fantastic interview has been led by photographer Suzi Livingstone, […]

Michael Shindler’s Ultra Large Format Tintype Camera

  Tintype photography throughout recent years has grown in popularity creating a new buzz around this beautiful 19th century process. Michael Shindler spent six years learning this delicate process and by August 2011 he decided to put his new skills to work by opening the world’s first Tintype portrait studio called Photobooth on Valencia street […]

Lumiere Tintype – The Photo Trailer

  Finally the Lumiere Tintype Trailer is built! We’ve been waiting and watching this fantastic idea grow and grow, now it’s finally complete. Welcome, the Lumiere Tintype Photo Trailer! Turn the clock back 150 years ago and seeing a Tintype Trailer/Wagon on the street drawn by a horse would’ve been […]

Guests – Christopher Bucklow

Christopher Bucklow is one of the leading contemporary British ‘cameraless’ photographers, known for creating one off, large ‘life size’ silhouettes, produced through the use of a simple hand made pinhole camera where the photograph is projected on to Cibachrome paper. (shown above with Bucklow) I first came across Christopher Bucklow’s […]

The Giant Wet Plate Photographer – Ian Ruhter

  “I didn’t just build a camera, I created a time machine”   We have shared handful of weird and wonderful cameras on Film’s not Dead, but here is another extraordinary camera from photographer Ian Ruhter who creates ‘life size’ wet plates through the use of a handmade modified camera truck. […]

The Darkroom on Wheels – The Photo Palace Bus Revisited

  The Photo Palace Bus is back, and with a new campaign to make the bus even more magical! A year ago we wrote a post about the fastinating darkroom on wheels called The Photo Palace Bus. It is a one of a kind orginal 35ft 1978 Gillig school bus […]

FOCUSED…Inheritance – Luke Archer

“I decided to focus on hereditary peers because like me they have inherited something that has impacted on their lives.”   “Inheritance” is a compelling project by photographer Luke Archer, that explores the rediscovery of an 100 year old 5×4 camera, the Thornton Pickard Royal Ruby, that Archer inherited from his late grandfather. […]

Jiadang (Family Stuff) – Huang Qingjun

“Jiadang (Family Stuff)”   Huang Qingjun, Chinese photographer travelled to 14 of the 33 provinces in China, documenting families and individuals in these rural areas outside their homes, yet he asked them to do something most people wouldn’t dream of doing. Qingjun asked these families to empty and carefully arrange […]

The ethereal work of Wet Plate Photographer Jacqueline Roberts

 Ever since we saw Jacqueline’s work for the first time we have always been struck by the sheer emotion and feeling she is able to ooze out of ever single photograph she takes. Jacqueline seems to go to great lengths to carefully compose her three children into beautifully framed positions, […]

The Pinhole Duet – Fotolateras: Marinela Forcadell and Lola Barcia

A few weeks ago, while on the Brick Lane, Backyard Market we bumped into Fotolateras, two brilliant women, Marinela Forcadell and Lola Barcia, who have been travelling to a wide number of different countries such as Berlin, Paris, Valencia, Rome, to document the life there using only an array of […]

What is Welsh – Dan Wood

3rd November 2012 – 5th January 2013     Cynon Valley Museum & Gallery Depot Road Gadlys Aberdare Mid Glamorgan CF44 8DL Opening Times:Monday – Saturday 9.00 – 4.30 Admission: FREE For more information: 01685 886729/     From the 3rd of November, dedicated black & white street photographer, Dan Wood, will […]

‘Natural History’ – Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman

“Film locks you into it’s own characteristics, which has it’s own pleasures.” ‘Our collaborative practice began from our work at the Institute of Design and developed in the alternative art world of the 1980s. We were asking the same questions about finding our place in the world and using photography […]

The Olympic Legend – David Burnett

 “B/W is the founding force of photography, its singular beauty and strength carrying a visual message which is hard to equal. And while I often succumb, like so many in our trade to the ease, and speed, and yes, quality, of digital photography, I’d like to think that there is […]

Monumental London – Adrian Ensor

16th July – 11th August   The Framers Gallery 36 Windmill Street, London W1T 2JT Monday – Friday 10-5.30pm Saturday – 11am-5pm For further information T: 020 7580 4878/ e-mail: Admision: Free From the 16th of July The Framers Gallery will be exhibiting the fourteen year in the making project by […]

“One Good Thing About Music” – David Corio

15th June – 28th October 2012    Photochats Chats Palace Ltd. 42-44 Brooksby’s Walk London E9 6DF Thursday – Sunday 12pm till 6pm For further information: 07921 816754 or – Peter Young at Photochats will be hosting a number of workshops and offers on the photographic facilities throughout the summer, to find […]

Valley of Shadows and Dreams – Ken and Melanie Light

Ken and Melanie light have embarked on a five year long journey documenting through the means of photography and literacy to convey the exploration of California’s Great Central Valley, which is known for its agricultural wealth, in a compelling book entitled ‘Valley of Shadow and Dreams’. This in-depth look into the lives […]

Fragile Mind – Jonathan Stead

“One of the charms of photography is that the operator discovers that he has depicted many things he had no notion of at the time.’ Fox Talbot – 160 years ago. ‘Fragile Mind’ is a bold piece of work by an alternative photographer called Jonathan Stead. This very personal series, where […]

Descendants of Light: American Photographers of Jewish Ancestry

Penny Wolin, is a compelling American Photographer who has been documenting Jewish civilization in America for many years. Now, she  is preparing her latest project entitled  ‘Descendants of Light: American Photographers of Jewish Ancestry.’ She has traveled back and forth across America photographing influential Jewish American photographers. Her Kickstarter funding campaign, […]

Time Zero: The Last year of Polaroid Film

An up and coming documentary that covers the Death and Rebirth of Polaroid Film Time Zero: The Last year of Polaroid Film, made by an enthusiastic Polaroid user, Grant Hamilton who has captured through his documentary the death, the unexpected yet brilliant rebirth of Polaroid film and the people who our […]

England’s Largest Camera

A handmade, six foot high by seven foot camera, creates negatives that are 22″x26″ in size. This beautifully hand crafted beast of a camera was made by Tim Pearse a 3rd year BA photography student from Plymouth College of Art; it took him five months to build, where he spent long hours in […]

Skills, Smells and Spells – Toby Deveson

Skills, Smells and Spells: A celebration of B&W photography   28th May – 3rd June 2012   The Strand Gallery, 32 John Adams Street, London WC2N 6BP Open Daily: 11.00am – 7.00pm Admission: Free For more information: 020 7839 4942 We are very pleased to announce that Toby Deveson will be showing […]

4,808 self portraits and still counting….

The epic photo diary that has accumulated an epic archive of more than 4,000 images, taken over the past 14 years by Toronto based photographer, Jeff Harris. 14 years deep into this amazing project, Harris has told us that he does not plan on stopping any time soon. As one […]

The American West Portraits – Quinn Jacobson

15th March – 9th June 2012   Centre Iris … pour la photographie 238 rue Saint-Martin – 75003 Paris Tuesday to Saturday from 2.00 to 7.00 Admission: FREE For more information please contact the Gallery – +33 (0)1 48 87 06 09 Quinn Jacobson, is known as one of the finest […]

Disposable crisis project

‘Shoot film with a Mission’   This remarkable project (Disposable Crisis Project), set up by Indra Moonen, is about allowing people to express the effect of the economical crisis by documenting what it means to them through the use of a disposable camera. A great feature to this project is that […]

The Colossal Camera that will capture Vanishing Cultures

Vanishing Cultures – An America Portrait, The Foundation for the Preservation of American Culture    One photograph, no retakes, no retouching, just a pure honest photograph and a giant camera that will travel 20,000 miles across the US to photograph American Cultures. Vanishing Cultures is an astounding and completely unique […]

The Photo Palace Bus

A mobile studio and darkroom – a showcase for the art of film photography – The Photo Palace Bus.   The Photo Palace Bus is a 1978 35ft school bus, which will be converted into a traveling darkroom and attachable studio, acting as an educational and portrait facility; this amazing idea was created […]

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